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Pleasure... Olbia
Yes, for those exploring its charms for the first time, there is the pleasure of discovering it in all its colours, while for those who had always known it simply as a port or airport to pass through, the chance to re-discover it all again, no, to live it. Olbia is, in fact, an interesting city of history and culture, fun, fashion and shopping. Monuments, museums and archaeological sites, therefore, but also the sea and beaches of extraordinary beauty with hotels, discos and restaurants which are famous and renowned at international levels


Modern and luxury hotel chains, small hotels, bed & breakfast, resort hotels and residences, knowledgeably and finely furnished: many choices await you to fulfill your every need during your stay.

How to get here

Thanks to its strategic position, Olbia is easily reached both by sea and air.
In the following pages, one can find news and information on the principal means of transport, timetables and websites...


Olbia and its surroundings offer a huge range of possibilities for excursions by car or on foot, to areas of archaeological interest, natural paradises and, of course, bathing areas, thanks to the superb coastline.


Olbia is a city of great historical and, particularly, cultural interest. There are numerous fascinating sites of archaeological importance: the Riu Mulinu nuraghe (Cabu Abbas), the Tomb of the Giants of Su Monte de S'Abe...

The National Archaeological museum, designed by the architect Vanni Macciocco, is situated on the 'isolotto di Peddone', along the passenger street leading to the embarkation point at the Isola Bianca and the historical centre. It is characterized by a grand central patio in which there are some recently discovered Roman ....

Sea and beaches

Turquoise, emerald, azure and blue. These are the colours of the seas which lap against our coast; innumerable varieties of fish, molluscs and mussels which delight underwater explorers and sporting fishermen; an immense variety of marine flora of sparkling colours and uncontaminated nature; all this, together with white sandy beaches.....

Fausto Noce Park

It is the garden of the town, chosen by residents and tourists alike. Fausto Noce is sixteen hectares of green in the centre of the town and soon loved by those who live here and by who just passes through Olbia. There are four entrances and there is a bus stop (servizio Aspo) in via Gabriele D'Annunzio for those who wish to use public transport.

Porto Rotondo is best described as stunning! Home to about 800 locals, Porto Rotondo is one of the most popular destination on the East coast of Sardinia. Visitors come to experience culture, art, beauty, stillness, sailing, shopping and wilderness hiking. This area of Sardinia Island also boasts excellent beachcombing.

4 hours in the city

There are towns which all of a sudden show their hidden beauty, towns that you don't expect, towns that are unjustly labelled walking towns, towns that are victims of common beliefs and maybe Olbia "la felice" ("The Happy" in antique Greek) like Livorno and Civitavecchia fall into this category due to its geographical position.

The protected marine area of Tavolara-Punta Coda Cavallo has been developed along a section of coast which is among the most beautiful and inspiring in the Mediterranean. Not far from the Costa Smeralda, it extends for almost 15,000 hectares.

Another world, 18 km from Olbia by car. San Pantaleo, in certain respects, evokes a village in the Dolomites. Witness a panoramic view which resembles the Far West, at the three peaks of Sant'Andrea, Pelchia Manna and Pelchia Minori.

The South Coast of Olbia

Less crowded, more romantic, almost solitary heading to Lido del Sole, slowly invaded by the presence of Germans at Porto Istana, the coast along the road that lead south is very different
to the opposite side of the town. In fact it is longer. Perhaps, more uniform in the type of sand,
Certainly full of surprises and opportunities.

Shopping and lifestyle

These are the hottest new shopping places around the city. Located in opposite sides of Olbia: North and South, the shopping centres have grown with a mix of boutiques, galleries and restaurants. There also are the biggest large scale retail trade shops in the district. The areas started taking shape few years ago and have become a hub for businesses.

The beaches north of Olbia

They are our pride and joy; they have the charm which makes a tourist decide not to just pass through Olbia but to stay here. Few towns offer free beaches for visitors and not necessarily the rich but also backpackers. The Aspo company of public transport, operates a frequent and efficient service from may to September to all the beaches around Olbia.

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