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The north coast

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The beaches north of olbia

They are our pride and joy; they have the charm which makes a tourist decide not to just pass through Olbia but to stay here. Few towns offer free beaches for visitors and not necessarily the rich but also backpackers. The Aspo company of public transport, operates a frequent and efficient service from may to September to all the beaches around Olbia.
It is not just for the sake of saying, but each tourist has just landed from a low cost flight, or maybe from a ferry coming from the mainland can enjoy free of charges (or almost) our much admired coast.
For the need to be brief, we have inserted the main beaches, probably, the ones that represent most the mysterious magic of the summers in Olbia.

Shoals of fish on the seabed coastal olbiese
Beach Pittulongu

1) Pittulongu

It is the favourite beach of the people from Olbia: as much for the emotional ties to the original inhabitants of Terranova as for the short distance from Olbia.
It is just 5 kilometres from the centre and can be reached by car following the provincial road for Golfo Aranci or by bus n4 (link).
The route taken by the Aspo bus , stops at all the central points of the town. Departing from the square of the Sacra Famiglia Church.
The coast of Pittulongu is long and wide, secure and comfortable. Equally divided between free zones and zones under management entrusted to genuine bathing establishments that rent deckchairs and sun beds.
There are also several options of prices in the many restaurants and places for snacks. It can be said that Pittolungu is a beach of mixed generations: youngsters who have just arrived on the bus or by scooter next to elegant ladies who have just parked their jeeps nearby. Very few obstacles from piers or vessels. The only defect in this white expanse are the crowds at weekends and during the holidays.
But this, especially for the month of August is a characteristic which as become widespread

2) Mare e Rocce

It can't be understood why, amongst the beaches on the north coast, "Mare e Rocce" (Sea and Rocks) is considered the most "in". Very popular, although not very big, surrounded by elegant villas and busy at all hours during the summer months.
It is a fact that along with the traditional Sunday tourist, the Olbiesi ( people from Olbia) of different social circles meet here: you meet people, you exchange news, in a way you gossip. Even some celebrities have houses here; maybe they are tired of the limelight of the Costa Smeralda.
The fact is that if you are not part of the group you are nicely "x rayed".
The sea is splendid as is the beach , perhaps, for the reasons previously mentioned it is not the best place for people who enjoy privacy and who wish to be alone.
"Mare e Rocce" is only 6 kilometres from Olbia and can be reached via the bus n 4 or by car following the coastal road, for Golfo Aranci.
There are some well known restaurants in the area, but with some difficulty for parking.

Yellow, red, blue, purple, orange, these are the colors of corals of our seas
Beach Bados

3) Bados

Is the furthest beach to the north of Olbia: it is about 8 kilometres from the centre and is practically
the last extension of beach before the border of Golfo Aranci.
The road to reach Bados (origin unknown, may be means "guadi"in Sardinian) is the same provincial road to Golfo Aranci. It is the last stop of the bus n 4, therefore end of the line.
Bados is a small pearl, fine white sand, clear water, a seabed that gently slopes, making it safe for children and expert swimmers alike. It is a semi-circle and is quite protected from the winds.
While still maintaining free open spaces, for some years now there are two companies that provide services; umbrellas, sun beds and the rental of small boats. For those who would like to enjoy a small snack or a quick summer lunch, there are a couple of a seasonal bars.
Behind the beach at about 150 metres, you can find a large municipal car park and public toilets.(e.m.)

Tourist Authority of the Comune of Olbia - Translated by James Elliott |

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