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South of the city

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Outside the city: The South

Roman farm of S'Imbalconadu (2nd century BC)

Archaeological complex excavated in the 90's, which has a quadrangular form and an external wall, a central courtyard and the base of a tower. During the excavations, hollows for storing wine and bread were discovered.

Tomb of the Giants of Su Monte and S'Abe

Communal tomb connected to the nuraghic civilization, the presence of which has been verified by the nearby Nuraghe Casteddu. The biggest in Sardinia.

The remains of the quadrangle of the farm at s'Imbalconadu

Castello Pedres

Was constructed in the 13th century by the Visconti, the powerful family from Pisa, the judges of Gallura, of which Olbia, with the name 'Civita' and then Terra Nova, was the capital. Positioned near the tomb of the giants described previously, it constitutes one of the most noted medieval monuments in Sardinia.

Tombe dei giganti with a view of Castello Pedres

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