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Sea, sun, beaches, hotels, residences, events and exhibitions in the city of Olbia

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Shopping e lifestyle

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Shopping and lifestyle

Shopping centres

These are the hottest new shopping places around the city. Located in opposite sides of Olbia: North and South, the shopping centres have grown with a mix of boutiques, galleries and restaurants. There also are the biggest large scale retail trade shops in the district. The areas started taking shape few years ago and have become a hub for businesses. The neighborhoods also have had an influx of restaurants cafes and all sort of activities

crowds of people are city centre
 Local crafts stalls on the course of the city

Old Olbia

If you're looking for a place to see more than 100 boutique shops in what feels like the Old Centuries, than this historical site is for you. This place definitely isn't for hard-core shoppers, with its granite ways carriage rides, sidewalks and historical buildings. Instead, visitors here can window shop in a place that seems a bit lost in time. The shopping destination is on the Olbia's waterfront so you also can hop aboard the sea.

interior of a Showcase in Umberto

North way

The way to Porto Rotondo, S. Pantaleo and Costa Smeralda is the kingdom of trendy places.
Restaurants, cafes and shops that you can visit by car for a long excursus in style and everything you need: home objects, home decÚr, materials, textures…
So, before you leave this city take everything you desire for unforgettable holydays.(l.m.)

Tourist Authority of the Comune of Olbia - Translated by James Elliott |

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