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Sea and beaches

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The beaches of Olbia

Turquoise, emerald, azure and blue. These are the colours of the seas which lap against our coast; innumerable varieties of fish, molluscs and mussels which delight underwater explorers and sporting fishermen; an immense variety of marine flora of sparkling colours and uncontaminated nature; all this, together with white sandy beaches, to the coastal border of weathered rock, oscillating between peaks and cliffs which fall dramatically towards the sea, making this area into a true paradise on Earth.

A crowd of people swimming at Pittulongu
View of Tavolara from the beach
The beach sloping gently towards the turquoise waters of Marinella
View of the channel  entering Marina Maria
The rocks encircling the beach of Punta Volpe
The calm crystalline water of lo squalo
The classic dunes encircling the beach at saline
The splendid cove at li cuncheddi, circling the hotel complex of the same name
Bunthe with the rocks of punta Tronfino
The cliffs surrounding the little bay of Poltu Casu
The moon beach of bados
The beach of Punta Corallina with emerald green seas
The beach of Lido del sole facing the port of the city
The little bay of emerald water which hosts spiaggia Ira
The fine white sands of Pellicano
The characteristic beach of fine sand and little pebbles
Cala razza di Giunco
The characteristic beach of grey sand at Mare rocce
The typical carpet of green vegetation which covers the beach
The ochre colour of Punta Nuraghe
The splendid colour contrast between the emerald green water and the gleaming white sand of sa rena bianca
Dusk at Marina di Cugnana
The beach of Portisco surrounded by luxuriant green vegetation
The coarse-grained sand and the ochre colour of punta saline

Tourist Authority of the Comune of Olbia - Translated by James Elliott |

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