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San Simplicio

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Large square in front of the Basilica

Basilica minore San Simplicio

Medieval Period

Description of the site:
The Romanic Church of San Simplicio is perhaps the most important monument in all of Gallura.
Entirely in granite, and today surrounded by a vibrant city centre, it is encircled by a square in which can be noted various military Roman stones.
The building itself was erected in three distinct periods: the first can be ascribed to the second half of the 11th century (outer wall, apse and pillars, columns on the aisles), the second to the first ten years of the 12th century (covering and the crossovers of the walls of the upper arches), and the third, approximately, the following 10 years, during which the covering section and the implementation of the outer facing were completed.

Detail of the heading of the column of the central arch in the basilica

Originally positioned on the edge of the old medieval city, circled by a large cemetery of the Punic period.
The inside consists of three aisles, supported by seven pillars and five columns.
In the presbytery is found an old statue of San Simplicio, a valuable gold-edged wooden sculpture from the 600's. Also present are three frescoes representing Santi Vescovi.

How to get there: Located in via S. Simplicio, right in the city centre. The basilica is liberally accessible to the public every day from 07:30 to 13:00 and from 15:30 to 18:00 (or 19:00 during the summer months).

Tourist Authority of the Comune of Olbia - Translated by James Elliott |

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