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San Simplicio

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San Simplicio
May 15th
Patron Saint of Olbia

The procession of the saint carried upon the shoulders of the faithful surrounded by the authorities in formal dress

The celebrations for the patron saint of the city last fully 9 days.
On the 14th, vespers are celebrated in honour of the saint.
On the 15th, festivities begin with Diana della Banda and the celebration of Santa Messa; in the afternoon, from the piazzale to the Basilica, departs the solemn procession accompanied by musicians from the city, folk groups from all over the island, representatives from all of the volunteer associations, military and civil. The contours of the festival: singing and sports shows, within the city of Olbia, poetry contests in "Limba", and last but not least the famous mussel festival.

Tourist Authority of the Comune of Olbia - Translated by James Elliott |

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