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Religious Festivals

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Olbia, feasts and festivals

The culture of Gallura and the mentality of its people has always seemed more open than the other zones of Sardinia and, perhaps because of a shared affinity with the Italian peninsula and nearby Corsica, more used to contact with visitors. It is a fact, for reasons easily imaginable, that the period between the beginning of Spring and the end of the Summer is the period with the best opportunities for relaxation, diversion and outdoor activities. This time, in the little world of Gallura, was in the past given over to the slow rhythms of agricultural production and the pastoral life. That is, from the first harvests to the blossoming of fruit, to the grape picking of September, right through to the end of the most beautiful season of all.
Besides the agricultural calendar (or perhaps better to say 'together with'), there is the religious events calendar. Each one is underlined by festivity and, most of all, by the little church processions that come and go, even today, in honour of the celebration. Religious and pagan flavours run concurrently in all of the festivals of the region. Besides the celebration of vespers and the processions of the Saints, all of the festivals culminate in typical songs and dancing.
As far as dining is concerned, the lion's share is centred on meat: mixed boiled dishes, but also roasted pork and sausages for a mixed public of locals and visitors. After the cheeses, the celebration concludes with Sardinian sweets and long samplings of local wines.

Tourist Authority of the Comune of Olbia - Translated by James Elliott |

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