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Punta Tronfino

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The beach of Punta Tronfino (Bunthe)

Lat. 40,905109' Lon. 09,597585'

Bunthe with the rocks of punta Tronfino


Better known to the locals as "Bunthe". The sand is shades of yellow ochre and the white rock gives it a particular charm. The richness of the sea and low sea-bed make it particularly well suited to those wishing to indulge in underwater sports and families with children. To get here, take the Strada Statale 125 as far as the hamlet of Multa Maria, from there take a left for Porto Istana and still another left in via Funtina Umbrina; continue for about a kilometre on a track road until you arrive at the ample car park.

Services, comforts and equipment

Free parking
Low density
Underwater activities

Tourist Authority of the Comune of Olbia - Translated by James Elliott |

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