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Olbia is a city of great historical and, particularly, cultural interest.
There are numerous fascinating sites of archaeological importance: the Riu Mulinu nuraghe (Cabu Abbas), the Tomb of the Giants of Su Monte de S'Abe, the sacred nuraghic well of Sa Testa, the Punic wall between via Torino and via Acquedotto, the Castelo di Pedres and that of Sa Paulazza, the Roman Aquaduct, the Roman farm at S'Imbalconadu along the road to Padru.
But there are also 19th century buildings, such as the Simpliciana library and the Comune (municipal) building, monumental churches like the basilica of San Semplicio and San Paolo, erected in the 18th century.
Also highly recommended is the recently inaugurated archaeological museum, situated on the little Island of Peddone, along the road which passengers take for the Isola Bianca and the historical centre.

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Tourist Authority of the Comune of Olbia - Translated by James Elliott |

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