Holidays and tourism in the city of Olbia

Sea, sun, beaches, hotels, residences, events and exhibitions in the city of Olbia

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Courtyard with vestibule entrance to the well

Pozzo Sacro di Sa Testa
Following via dei Lidi, on strada provincial 82, and past the Industrial Zone, you will arrive at the roundabout where there is a sign signaling the direction you must take.

Remains of the wall of the aqueduct

Roman Aqueduct
From the 'lungomare' in via dei Lidi turn left immediately after the flyover and take the off-road track for about 1 km.

Excavations which brought to light S'Imbalconadu

Fattoria Romana S'Imbalconadu
The farm is situated 3 km along the strada provincial from Olbia, going towards Padru.

The rectangular form of the remains of a Punic wall

Le Mura Puniche
The monument is located in the urban area between via Torino and via Acquedotto (not far from the central post office).

Surrounding wall of Nuraghe Riu Mulinu

Nuraghe Riu Mulinu
The church grounds of Cabu abbas can be found at around 2.5 km from the centre. Continue on foot in the direction of North-East until you find a signposted path which leads directly to the complex.

The thirteen standing stones at the tomb of the giants

Tombe dei Giganti
From Olbia, take the road for Loiri and after 3.3 km turn right, taking an off-rooad track for around 2 km.

View of nuraghe casteddu

Nuraghe Casteddu
From Olbia, take the road for Loiri. Turn right after 3.3 km, following the off-road track for around 2 km.

Tourist Authority of the Comune of Olbia - Translated by James Elliott |

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