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4 hours in the city

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Four hours to spend in a town that you didn't expect…

There are towns which all of a sudden show their hidden beauty, towns that you don't expect, towns that are unjustly labelled walking towns, towns that are victims of common beliefs and maybe Olbia "la felice" ("The Happy" in antique Greek) like Livorno and Civitavecchia fall into this category due to its geographical position.
You see it briefly as you come off the plane or off the ship, without dwelling too much over its beauty or its history you leave and continue your journey. There's no time, nobody has told me about it. I would like to but I can't.
This is a mistake, try and spend a few hours, try and dedicate it a morning, why not, an afternoon. Try it's well worthwhile, before taking your plane or continuing your journey on the island, discover Olbia "The Happy". This is really the town of surprises. Accept the advice, leave your car and walk up Corso Umberto the main street of the historical centre.

In view of the harbour
the imposing lighthouse at the entrance to the Gulf

No, we don't want to bore you with a list of buildings that none the less still have an eighth century grace.
Try chatting to the locals, whilst sipping a coffee maybe in one of the bars in Piazza Regina Margherita or Piazza Matteotti or try a seadas (fried sweet pastry filled with soft cheese) covered with honey whilst you let time pass.
Try and lose yourself in one of the many restaurants in the historical centre, maybe ordering a plate of pasta with bottarga (fish "Mullet" eggs) or even some fried fish.
Try above all, to discover the hidden corners, walking slowly amongst the old beauty of this town.
From piazza Regina Margherita walk down via Porto Romano (another trace of the history in Olbia) and walk along via D'Annunzio, in twenty minutes you have before you the Basilica of San Simplicio. San Simplicio is the Patron Saint of Olbia. He represents the medieval period and the first period of Christianity. The church is awe inspiring.

There is a festival halfway through May with a large gathering of people.
If you prefer a more modern and dynamic town to the historical town, try taking a walk along the new seafront. Palms, benches, lawns and the Nautical Club which is similar to those in New England and above all the Archaeological Museum in all its grandeur.
Here on this elegant waterfront, you realise how antique and modern mix and blend together and charm you with their freshness.
The museum is becoming the heart of cultural life in Olbia as exhibitions, fairs and concerts are held all year round.
We don't want to hold you any longer. Your first walk has passed in the bat of an eyelid, two or three hours that you haven't looked at your watch. There was no need, it was enough to watch life go by. Well, you sit down for a moment and think, you don't admit it, you don't say it, but in your heart you understand that Olbia, the real Olbia is completely different to the faded and hurried idea that you had in your mind.
Well thanks for stopping, and thanks if you come again, friend amongst friends……(e.m)

P.zza R. Margherita - Lounge good of the city

Tourist Authority of the Comune of Olbia - Translated by James Elliott |

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